Travelogue: Horrificus Americana

In 2007, we left San Francisco to move to Albuquerque New Mexico. It turned out that fate, or god, or random design, had the stuff of nightmares (AMERICAN HORROR STORY) lying in wait for us. In 2012, we left a broken state, New Mexico, ourselves broken, and moved to Los Angeles.This tumblr tells the story: workplace injury, chronic illness, whistleblowing, institutional corruption -- oh, and and we are two artists.

Flora on a desert Desert Street, Albuquerque, NM

Staphylococcus Aureus, the flora Inside of Someone’s Stomach

I see a parallel between non-native, water-loving flora (trees, flowers, lawns) people try to get to grow in the desert that don’t usually fare well, and the flora in our guts, subjected to all kinds of non-native and harsh conditions (from antibiotics to chemicals in food, high fructose corn syrup, etc.). Poor gut health is now linked to autoimmune disease in humans.

The trees in droughty, sun-speared Albuquerque never grow very tall. The topmost branches, in fact, are often entirely dead so you have low-growing, droopy-leafed things with dead branches poking out up top like a wooden crown gone mad. The tree is water-deprived and its roots grow in nutritionless soil.

I never knew to pay attention to my mild GI symptoms until I got hit with the whopper of all illnesses three years ago — and have not yet recovered. In a healthy gut there are:

  • 1-200 different species of bacteria per person
  • 1-2000 different species of human gut bacteria
  • 1 million different genes among the different bacteria

An unhealthy gut comes about when these bacteria are depleted and the variety limited. We are hell bent on destroying many ecosystems, it seems, including those on our own bodies.

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